Tobacco Seeds – Mexican Filler


This high nicotine variety of Mexican tobacco comes from a region near Camposotela called Valle Banderas. This short growing plant reaches maturity quickly in around 45 days, and has large leaves, similar in size to many American grown varieties of tobacco. Because of its short grow time and size, this plant only produces around 15-18 leaves per plant at harvest



Our Current Tobacco Seed Mexican Filler Collection has over 20 of the most popular varieties we could find. We have access to other seeds, and will continue to expand this section over time, but this is a great start! Grow all of your favorites! Cigarette tobacco seeds, cigar tobacco seeds, fronto tobacco seeds, and more!

Please Note: By trade, we are tobacco procurers. Although we work closely with farmers, we do not actually grow the tobacco we sell on our website. For questions about how to grow, cure, or ferment tobacco, we will share as much knowledge as possible, but our hands-on experience is limited. 25 – 50 seeds per pack. All of our tobacco seeds are open pollinated.


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