Burley Gold




This is not a tobacco product, it is raw tobacco. This is an agricultural product! Dried 100% natural tobacco leaf. The product has a Phytosanitary Certificate issued by Agenţia Naţională pentru Siguranţa Alimentelor. The cultivation method of this tobacco leaf is one of the most well-known on the market and is of high quality. It has a perfect taste and unique aroma. It was classified as a light tobacco because it turns brown gold when dried

The tobacco leaves offered by DCN-Tobacco are characterized by the highest quality thanks to the appropriate sorting of the harvest. Due to their use, tobacco leaves are not subject to any production and processing processes, unlike cigarette tobacco, so when you buy tobacco leaves from DCN-Tobacco, you have a significant guarantee of the highest quality of the product, which is an unprocessed natural tobacco leaf.

The tobacco leaves are gradually harvested according to their maturity. A sign of maturity of tobacco leaves that are already intended for harvesting is bending of the leaf from the stalk at a large angle. Its sharp end yellows and bends down. Also, the surface will be sticky and wrinkled, and the petiole can easily be broken off the stem.

Timely harvesting of the fields affects the quality of the product. The picked tobacco leaves are placed on special stretchers, with the help of which the leaves are delivered to the appropriate rooms. Here the tobacco leaves are drawn into strings in order to dry them out.

At ITC-Tobacco we ensure that the leaves are carefully inspected at each stage of growth so that our product is offered straight after drying and in the form in which it was collected. It is not subjected to any further processing


The raw tobacco is not a tobacco product. Tobacco leaves or raw tobacco are not classified as tobacco products for tax purposes, but as agricultural products and therefore do not have to be taxed on tobacco.
Only when you cut or process them into cigarette tobacco/tobacco products does the agricultural product become tobacco products that you have to pay tax on.
Please note the tobacco tax law: http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/tabstg_2009/BJNR187010009.html#BJNR187010009BJNG000100000


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